If you get the feeling that we South Dakotans have a reputation throughout the rest of the country for being a bunch of gun-toated fools, you would be right. A new study just proved we are.

Worldpopulationreview recently took aim at some data the Pew Research Center compiled regarding gun ownership here in the U.S. and they found that South Dakotans like our firearms, a lot!

The great state of South Dakota is in the Top 10 when it comes to gun ownership in the country, we rank #9 to be exact.

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How Many Guns Are In South Dakota?

55% of South Dakotans say they own a gun. Worldpopulationreview claims there are over 21,000 registered guns in the Rushmore state alone. My wife will tell you that I own 18,000 of those guns myself.

Midwest and Western state residents make up just over 30% of the gun ownership in the country right now, which oddly enough is not the highest number of gun owners in the nation. That title belongs to our friends down south. The good ole' boys in the southern states hold that title.

Which State Has the Most Guns?

According to the Worldpopulationreview article, 36% of residents living down south own a gun. There's no disputing that Beau, Bubba, and Skeeter love their Nascar, their barbecue, and their double-barrel shotguns.

If you are not a fan of firearms, you definitely do not want to live in Montana. They have the highest gun ownership rate in the nation. 66% of adults living in Big Sky Country claim to own a gun.

Which State Has the Least Guns?

If you're looking for gun-free states, you should probably consider packing up your Prius and heading out east. Northeastern states like Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey have the fewest number of gun owners in the country. That's largely due to the really restrictive gun ownership laws in that region of the nation. You practically need to take gun safety classes to own a cap gun in those three states!

This should also come as no big surprise, the majority of guns in the country can be found in rural households, and men tend to own more guns than women. Although, I know plenty of women who are not afraid to have their Smith & Wesson teach you a lesson.

Almost every firearm owner will tell you it's imperative to be a responsible gun owner. That starts by taking classes to make sure you know how to properly handle, care for and store your firearms safely.

There are a number of qualified instructors here in Sioux Falls and throughout South Dakota that can help you do just that. So, if you're thinking of becoming a gun owner any time soon, I highly recommend you seek a trained firearm instructor out.

Remember, if you own it, respect it, and secure it.

Source: Worldpopulationreview 

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