If you're an artist up for a sort of unusual project, this is right up your alley, or storm drain!

It's that time of year again when the City of Sioux Falls and the Arts Commission begin taking submissions for the Downtown Storm Drain Art Project.

This project seeks to draw attention to Sioux Falls' storm drainage network and inform residents about the links between the city's stormwater runoff and the Big Sioux River.

Through artwork displayed publicly, the aim is to raise awareness regarding polluting substances like garbage, debris, and dangerous chemicals that can seep into the stormwater system after rainfall events or snowmelts.

The visual art serves as a creative medium to educate Sioux Falls citizens about stormwater pollution and its consequences for the river.

Sioux Falls Storm Drain Art Project
City of Sioux Falls/Leah Simmons-Artist

Artists will be asked to choose a storm drain location and that location will be contingent on city approval. Eight designs will be chosen and proposals are due May 3, by 5 PM.

There are a few tips for artists considering entering the contest.

  • Artists are encouraged to create simple clean design themes with solid color palettes and limited text
  • You can submit multiple entries, but only one can be chosen
  • All designs should be original
  • Designs should include the entire top portion of the storm drain. Painting the adjacent sidewalk or any area outside of the drain will not be allowed.
  • Manhole covers may also be painted
  • Submissions must include an attachment of one 8.5" x 11" illustration or photograph of the proposed artwork to keep on file.
  • Each of the selected artists will receive $200 compensation for their design and painting.

For complete details and even more tips on what judges will be looking for go to the Downtown Storm Drain Art Project.

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