Sometimes it feels like we are spending most days in the grocery store. There is always something we need, especially when there are hungry teenagers at home.

Surprisingly, a lot of people are interested in healthier eating habits. They have ditched the burgers and fries for lean chicken and vegetables.

But what are the best supermarkets to go grab your healthy produce? Some of the top stores are located in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

grocery store collage
Aldi/Getty Images, Costco/Ben Davis, Fareway/Google street view
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The folks at Food & Wine highlight the top ten supermarkets across the country. The staff at Food & Wine researched supermarkets of all kinds.

Food & Wine explains, "From historic market halls across the Mid-Atlantic to sparkling regional grocery stores in the Midwest to the lavish farmers markets spoiling Californians all year long."

Some of the best supermarkets across the country include:

  • H-E-B (Store locations throughout Texas)
  • New Seasons (Store locations include Portland, Seattle, and San Jose)
  • Market Basket (Mostly found throughout the New England area)
  • Trader Joe's (Stores are found throughout the country. Many are still waiting for Sioux Falls to open one.)

Which are the top supermarkets in South DakotaIowa, and Minnesota?

These two stores that made the "Best Supermarket List" from Food & Wine are very popular with residents in all three states: Costco and Hy-Vee.

Hy-Vee store
Google Street View and Canva

Hy-Vee was number three on the list. Food & Wine even called this grocery store "the pride of Des Moines."

Hy-Vee is a great resource for all Midwesterners. Hy-Vee has "exceedingly popular homestyle prepared meals." It's one of the few places to get hot food for a decent price.

Sioux Falls Costco - Ben Davis
Sioux Falls Costco - Ben Davis

Costco ranked at tenth on the "Best Supermarket List" from Food & Wine.

Not only is this a wonderful resource for communities everywhere, but Costco also has a reputation as a great place to work.

There are great places to shop around the Sioux Empire! What is your favorite supermarket in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota?

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