There is nothing more heart-racing than a loved one who has gone missing. You have endless thoughts and questions running through your head. Some thoughts could be:

  • Where could they be? 
  • Have they been taken? 
  • What could I have done to avoid this? 
  • Was I missing any strange signs? 
  • Is my daughter/son going to be okay?

Searching for a loved one is a scary, terrifying thought to have. But there are people in South DakotaIowa, and Minnesota currently looking for their family and friends.

Who are the individuals missing in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota? There are great resources like Community United Effort also known as (CUE) Center for Missing Persons and the South Dakota Missing Persons site that are updated with the latest missing persons information.

The public is encouraged to call local officials if they have any information about the list of people who are missing. These are the people missing in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota: Have you seen them?

Missing People from South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota

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