The summertime heat will be here before you know it. That means bugs will officially come out of hiding, including those pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquito season is the time of year when carrying bug spray is a constant necessity. Their bites are not only itchy and annoying, but they can also be dangerous if the mosquito is infected with viruses and bacteria....especially West Nile Virus. So if these tiny insects prefer taking a bite out of you, living in South Dakota this summer may not be fun.

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Experts and researchers from Insuranks and Proven Insect Repellent indicate mosquito season will be tough in some states this year like South Dakota. One study from Insuranks claims that South Dakota is the third state that is most prone to mosquitoes.  The study explains that in 2022 "the state experienced a high rate of West Nile Virus cases. Additionally, more than 40 species of the insect live in the state. It’s important for residents and visitors alike to take precautions against mosquitoes in the summer months." Yep...mosquitoes will be found across the state this summer.

A separate study from Proven Insect Repellent says South Dakota ranks seventh as one of the worst states for mosquitoes. Here is the list of the Top 10 Worst States for Mosquitoes from the experts at Proven Insect Repellent:

  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Louisiana
  4. Georgia
  5. North Carolina
  6. Alabama
  7. South Dakota
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Montana
  10. Virginia

I think it's safe to say we all have experienced our fair share of mosquito bites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even has helpful tips on how to treat them. These are the CDC recommendations:

  • Wash the area with soap and water.
  • Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes to reduce swelling and itching. Reapply ice pack as needed.
  • Apply a mixture of baking soda and water, which can help reduce the itch response.
    • Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with just enough water to create a paste.
    • Apply the paste to the mosquito bite.
    • Wait 10 minutes.
    • Wash off the paste.
  • Use an over-the-counter anti-itch or antihistamine cream to help relieve itching. Follow the product label directions.

Just remember: No matter how much they itch, don't scratch mosquito bites. They might become infected if you do.

Enjoy the South Dakota summer and don't forget the bug spray!

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