I've had the good fortune to live in the great state of South Dakota for decades. While I was born in Minnesota (and love the Gopher State!), I've lived a vast majority of my life in the Mt. Rushmore State, and so consider myself pretty much a loyal South Dakotan.

Plus, I've had the good fortune of living all over the state...Winner, Aberdeen, Volga, Brookings, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls.

And they're all nice and friendly.

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But I was chatting to a friend and we decided to talk (Debate? Argue?) about 'What is the friendliest town in this friendly state?' And while we couldn't agree, I decided to do some extensive research on the subject.

Yeah, I Googled it.

Well, the Only In Your State website lists the top 15 friendly towns in South Dakota, the places where 'Everybody knows your name'.

Among the list were great towns like Mound City and Plankinton, Kadoka and Dell Rapids, Eureka, Redfield, and Hayti.

But who topped the list? Who took the crown as absolutely, 100% the friendliest town in the state?


They said:

With a population just over 1,000 people you're guaranteed to be known by everyone in town. Clark is located straight west of Watertown.

You can check the whole list here and see if your town made the Top 15.

And who do I think should be named the friendliest town in the whole state of South Dakota? Heck, that's easy.

The one you live in, right?

5 Things South Dakota Gave the World

South Dakota may not get much respect. We get a blizzard and it's a footnote on the national scene, but if Florida gets a bit chilly it's breaking news. But, maybe it's fine to be forgotten about. We kind of like being left alone on our quiet piece of the plains.

South Dakota has given a lot to the world though. Not just giant mountain carvings and settings for HBO shows, but awesome things that the rest of the world should thank us for.

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