The Bramble Park Zoo family in Watertown, South Dakota just got a little bigger on St. Patrick's Day. This is one lucky cutie!

On March 17th, the staff at the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown proudly welcomed a baby girl alpaca! This new bundle of joy's name is Clover.

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Over the weekend, Bramble Park Zoo made the exciting announcement on its Facebook page. So far, Clover is doing very well at this beloved South Dakota zoo. The staff at Bramble Park Zoo already noticed that Clover loves her family, especially her older sister Zoey.

Clover's mom Grace delivered her without any issues on St. Patrick's Day afternoon. While Grace recovers, she is very focused on raising two little girls. Zoey just celebrated her first birthday on March 19th. Clover and Zoey were almost Irish Twins! The luck of the Irish is with this alpaca family.

Grace delivered with no issues and is adjusting well to raising two little girls! Dad, Arthur, is in the stall next to them and is able to see and communicate with them. He’s a proud dad especially since Clover looks just like him. We know that it’s a cold and cloudy day, but we wanted to bring some sunshine into your life with our newest arrival! Once the weather turns around a little, come to the zoo and meet Baby Clover, and congratulate Grace, Arthur, and Zoey on the newest member of their herd!

The Bramble Park Zoo is over the moon with this latest addition. No word yet from zoo staff when Clover will make her first public appearance, but it's great to hear the new family is doing well.

Welcome to the world, Clover! The Sioux Empire can't wait to meet you!

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