Not many people have the distinct honor of earning a mural dedicated to their life-long achievements. One well-known meteorologist with Dakota News Now will be featured on a local pizzeria's “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability.”

Meteorologist Phil Schreck will have his portrait immortalized on Sunny's Pizzeria's “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability" mural on their building at 1801 South Walts Avenue in Sioux Falls. Phil will be the 22nd figure on the growing “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability."

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Sunny's Pizzeria
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Our news partners at Dakota News Now explain that the “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability" mural was "developed by local artist Wyatt Dickson. Sunny’s Pizzeria owner Jon Oppold picked Dickson’s concept from a group of entries in part due to the opportunity to grow the mural every year."

Jon Oppold says this mural represents the people who make Sioux Falls the great city that it is. Sunny’s Pizzeria and artist Wyatt Dickson could not think of a better candidate than Meteorologist Phil Schreck. He has been a recognizable figure in the community for years. It's only fitting to have him part of the “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability."

Sunny's Pizzeria
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The “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability" is located on the north wall that faces 26th Street at Sunny’s Pizzeria. There will be a mural dedication event party to honor Phil Schreck's mural this coming Friday, September 8th at 6:30 PM.

According to a Facebook event, there will be different presentations at Sunny’s Pizzeria about why Phil Schreck will be featured on the mural. Sunny’s Pizzeria will also offer delicious pizza and drink specials for the gathering.

There will be an additional dedication party at Sunny’s Pizzeria in the fall once Phil Schreck's mural is added to the “Sioux Falls Wall of Notability."

Congratulations, Phil!

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