Halloween is around the corner where ghosts and ghouls roam throughout the night. Sometimes people do experience paranormal activity during the Halloween holiday, especially while walking around downtown Sioux Falls.

South Dakota is full of rich history. The City of Deadwood alone has a story behind each building. There's even an old wives' tale that the Historic Bullock Hotel is still haunted by its owner. The City of Sioux Falls is also full of unique stories, including mysterious encounters at the Old Courthouse Museum.

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The Old Courthouse Museum has been named one of the most haunted places in the state and in the nation. It's one of the oldest buildings in Sioux Falls. The Old Courthouse Museum is the former county courthouse for Minnehaha County and it's located in the heart of the downtown area. Experience Sioux Falls explains that it officially opened as a museum in 1974. You can see the historic 1893 clock tower that graces the city's skyline.

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

So why is the Old Courthouse Museum haunted? An article from Only In Your State shares there are many "human emotions" attached to this historic structure. Countless attorneys and judges did work inside the courthouse where they decided fates of dangerous criminals. Some visitors have claimed to hear strange voices and other paranormal occurrences in the balcony area of the Old Courthouse Museum.

Visitors and staff report hearing odd voices and whispers, and suddenly feeling a blast of cold air that quickly disappears.

The restrooms can also be eerie. Guests have reported a woman crying and they find the bathroom is empty.

As if the voices weren't creepy enough, some people say they can see an "elderly custodian" sweeping one of the courtroom floors. It's also common to hear someone falling down the stairs, except no one is there when people come running to help. Items inside the Old Courthouse Museum are also rearranged sometimes when the staff arrives in the morning. Maybe the ghosts like to play pranks!

Whether it's haunted or not, the Old Courthouse Museum is an iconic spot to explore in Sioux Falls. It's open seven days a week and free admission too!

So if you feel like doing a little Sioux Falls Halloween Ghost Tour, maybe you'll meet one of the Old Courthouse Museum spirits.

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