There are opportunities in our lives that we would never expect to happen to us. A simple putting contest with a two-time US Open Champion earlier this week was one of those moments for me.

PGA Tour legend Andy North made a surprise visit to the office on Wednesday afternoon. Not only did he give a great motivational speech about being your best self, but he also decided to participate in a very...very amateur putting contest. The best part? It was all for local charities in South Dakota.

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I never know what to expect when I come to work each day. My co-workers and I love to share ideas about how we can create relatable and entertaining content for the Sioux Empire. Our General Manager, Don Jacobs (Jake), had the idea of recording a putting contest to share online. The prize? The winner would decide which local charity in the Sioux Empire received a $1,000 donation. Originally, we thought it would be morning show hosts against one another...but he had a bigger idea. Knowing that Andy North was going to be leading a future meeting, Jake asked me to play against the PGA Tour  Champion.

For anyone who doesn't know, my fiancé Chris Gilman is a professional golfer. Jake thought it would be a friendly competition between golfers. The kicker was that I would be the one playing! I have never played a round of golf in my life. With the help of Coach Gilman, I diligently practiced my putting stroke. I'm a competitive person, so, of course, I wanted to win. But more importantly, I wanted to win for the kids.

If I won the putting contest, the money would go towards Cure Kids Cancer for the kiddos at the Sanford Children's Hospital. Andy was playing for the Sanford Health Foundation for the Children's Hospital. Two amazing organizations in the Sioux Falls area. But who would come out victorious? Well...I put up a good fight!

The contest was closer than I anticipated! To have a small competition against a decorated professional golfer like Andy North is an experience I'll never forget.

Thanks to Andy North for taking the time to speak to us and help a fantastic organization! Maybe we'll have a rematch at this year's Sanford International.

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