Whenever people in the Sioux Falls community need a helping hand, someone will step up to be there. Sioux Falls is not afraid to help neighbors at a moment's notice.

A Sioux Falls restaurant is asking for the public's help finding patrons who reacted to a medical emergency. They want to recognize them for their bravery and response.

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Last Wednesday, Look's Marketplace in Sioux Falls had a scary situation unfold inside its establishment.  There was a "medical emergency" and some restaurant patrons did not hesitate. They went into action. Look's Marketplace made a post on its social media pages including Instagram confirming this alarming news.

The staff at Look's Marketplace want to be able to thank these Sioux Falls heroes. They are calling them "Guardians."

We would love to be able to thank you in person with dinner. If you were one of those Guardians, please reach out to us so we can offer you a proper thank you. Again, thank you for your help and keeping watch over our community.

You truly never know what could happen in life. Who knows what could have happened if these "Guardians" were not there? They went into action and never looked back.

If you are one of the "Guardians" who saved the day at Look's Marketplace last week, contact them as soon as possible. They would love to buy you dinner as a thank you!

To anyone who responded to this medical emergency at Look's Marketplace, thank you for launching into action.

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