Whenever people in the Sioux Empire need a helping hand, you can guarantee that the community will be there to support those in need. One restaurant in Sioux Falls that has been known to assist many organizations in the City of Sioux Falls is The Barrel House.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have an entire holiday feast. To help families struggling this holiday season, The Barrel House is stepping up and donating 250 turkeys and all the trimmings to families in need around the Sioux Empire.

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In a post on its Facebook page, officials with The Barrel House will giveaway 250 turkeys along with canned vegetables, stuffing, and potatoes on Tuesday, November 21st at The Barrel House. Thanks to the partnership of Hungry Hearts, Budget Blinds of Sioux Falls, and Mariner Wealth Advisors, The Barrel House is able to spread the holiday cheer and help local families. This is what teamwork is all about! 

Keep in mind: The turkey giveaway with the canned vegetables, stuffing, and potatoes will be given on a "first come first serve" basis. The Barrel House will not be putting meals on hold. Families must be in person at The Barrel House located at 4701 E. 54th Street in Sioux Falls on Tuesday, November 21st.

If you or a family you know are in need of some extra help this holiday season, please let them know to head on over to The Barrel House on Tuesday, November 21st! The turkey giveaway will begin at 3:30 PM and will go on until 6:30 PM.

Thank you to The Barrel House, Hungry Hearts, Budget Blinds of Sioux Falls, and Mariner Wealth Advisors for teaming up this holiday season to help those in need!

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