Valentine's Day is almost a week away. If you're in a serious relationship, then this holiday is something you look forward to. On the other hand, some might roll their eyes at this "Hallmark Holiday" thanks to a bad breakup with an ex-Valentine.

Any heartbroken guy or gal who is looking for a little revenge on an ex this Valentine's Day is in luck. One zoo in Texas is willing to name a revolting animal after your ex whether you're in or out of state. They will even provide you a card to send your ex this special gift.

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El Paso Zoo wants to honor your ex by naming them after...Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The website Siouxland Proud is reporting the El Paso Zoo in Texas is offering the "Quit Bugging Me" event this Valentine’s Day. This gives you a chance to scare your exes, and to portray an image of your failed relationship. Once you anonymously name your lovely cockroach, the El Paso Zoo will display your ex's first name on insects. more thing. The cockroaches will be fed to the meerkats, iguanas and skinks. Your ex might have left a bad taste in your month. But meerkats, iguanas and skinks find them quite delicious.

Officials with the El Paso Zoo say this is a great enrichment opportunity for the animals:

“Zoo animals are regularly given enrichment to keep them stimulated both mentally and physically. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are ethically frozen and given to insectivores as determined by our zoo veterinarian staff. Insects are a normal part of these animals’ diets, in captivity or the wild. While in our care, we try to replicate this as much as possible.”

There is a no fees attached to naming your cockroach. However, the El Paso Zoo does encourage charitable donations to the zoo. More information about this thoughtful Valentine's Day gift can be found here.

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