The next time you're walking along the paved paths on the bike trails, don't be shocked if you see a giant cat hiding in the trees.

Animal Control with the City of Sioux Falls is alerting the public that a mountain lion was spotted in the southwestern area of Sioux Falls. A home surveillance camera caught the mountain lion on video on Sunday, July 23rd.

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According to the press releases, the Animal Control Supervisor with the City of Sioux Falls Patty Beckman explains there is currently no threat to the public. But it's never a bad idea to keep an extra eye peeled when you're walking around town.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are sharing that a mountain lion was captured on a home surveillance system camera on July 23, 2023, in southwest Sioux Falls. There is no threat to the public currently. Mountain lions have passed through this area before and are usually doing just that. If you spot a mountain lion, please contact the authorities at 911.

Although it is a rare occurrence, mountain lions do tend to pop up in the Sioux Empire. There was even one spotted in Howard, South Dakota on Saturday, July 22nd. The Miner County Sheriff's Office confirmed the sighting in a Facebook post. It's quite possible this mountain lion is the same one seen in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks estimates the state's mountain lion population is at 277. So far, officials with the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks have seen 44 mountain lions. This number includes 28 females and 16 males.

So what do you do if you see a mountain lion? The United States Department of Agriculture recommends you do the following:

  • Do not run. Remain calm. Hold your ground or back away slowly.
  • Continue facing the mountain lion, and maintain eye contact.
  • Do all you can to appear larger; Stand upright, raise your arms, raise your walking stick, open your jacket.
  • If you have small children or pets with you, try to pick them up without turning away or bending over.

If you see mountain lions or any exotic animal around the Sioux Falls area, call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

South Dakota's Weird Exotic Animal Laws Are Amazing

Have an interesting pet or looking to get one? Check this out from South Dakota Exotic Animal Laws before you go trying to adopt one.

You will need a zoo permit to harbor a raccoon dog. That's a real species. It's a small wild dog with a black facial mask and long fur, native to the forests of Asia.

Dives Worth a Drive in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

Almost every small South Dakota town has a watering hole. It’s where the locals go to kick back a few brews and engage in conversation.

Some of these establishments are located in buildings almost as old as the town itself. There might be a fresh coat of paint on the walls or new vinyl on the booth seats, but the ambiance is still reminiscent of a good ol’ dive.

If you think a "dive" is all about the sketchy clientele, the smell of the Devil’s lettuce, and stale Grain Belt, you’d be wrong. Not every dive has a bad reputation.

What makes a dive, a dive?

A dive has character. Neon beer signs and local memorabilia adorn the walls.

You might find a pool table, dart board, and a few video lottery machines.

The bartender knows the regulars by name and they know what you drink.

Some dives don't even serve food except for bags of chips and pickled eggs that sit in a jar of brine on the bar.

Dives aren't fancy. You might see 70's-style wood panels on the walls and wobbly tables leveled with a folded napkin.

Finally, the bathrooms. The bathrooms in dives are in a class by themselves and could be a whole topic on its own. 

There are several small-town dives in our area with friendly faces, cheap booze with a burn, and even really good food! We use the term "dive" in the most affectionate way.

Here are some of the best and why you should go there.

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