High school reunions are a time to reminisce about the good old days before anyone had any real responsibilities. It's also a time to reconnect with friends...and former lovers.

Hollywood superstar and charmer Jason Momoa has been traveling throughout Minnesota and Iowa grocery stores promoting his new Meili Vodka and meeting fans. While visiting his hometown of Norwalk, Iowa, Jason saw a familiar face in the crowd.

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Dakota News Now and The Des Moines Register are reporting the "Aquaman" himself reconnected with his high school girlfriend Lindsey Aaron after 25 years. Lindsey was one of the many fans waiting in line to see Jason at the local Fareway store in Norwalk. Aside from watching Jason on the silver screen, this was the first time Lindsey Aaron had seen the major movie star.

The Des Moines Register explains, "Aaron (Lindsey) and Momoa (Jason) met as students at Norwalk High School, located about 20 minutes south of downtown Des Moines, in the late 1990s. He was a senior jock, who played soccer at the suburban school from 1994 to 1997. During Aaron's junior year, Momoa asked her out on a date." Lindsey actually rejected Momoa at first! She thought was just a "cocky dude" and a "bit of a womanizer." Needless to say, Jason didn't accept that answer. He then called on a mutual friend to ask Lindsey to give him a chance. She changed her mind and the rest is history.

So did Jason Momoa and his Iowa high school sweetheart ever rekindle their romance? When Jason moved to Colorado after high school, he returned to Norwalk in the summer of 1998 and asked Lindsey to take him back. But she was already dating someone else.

The mini-reunion was bittersweet for both Jason and Lindsey. The Des Moines Register says they spent time talking about their time together and their lives now. They both agreed to meet up sooner than 25 years from now!

If you're currently in a relationship, one of you just might make it big in Hollywood one day! You never know!

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