Sometimes you watch late-night television talk shows and you can't believe the stuff you hear. It's even more surprising when a well-known late-night host mentions your hometown. Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon actually mentioned Sioux Falls on his show last year around the time of Daylight Savings.

During an episode, Jimmy read some suggestions from the Audience Suggestion Box. This part of the show is usually the time to ask Jimmy some fun questions. One question from the night that stands out comes from South Dakota resident Barbara Cook. The question puzzles Jimmy at first. Until he realizes that Barbara actually needs a little lesson in geography.

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At the time of the original post, a video was posted on the show's YouTube page. Jimmy was kind enough to answer Barbara's question about Daylight Saving Time. Specifically, Barbara wanted to know what time was it in her South Dakota town. The dialogue was hilarious.

Barbara's Question: Hey Jimmy. It was just Daylight Savings Time. But I'm confused-what time is it where I live? 

Jimmy: Well...I don't know where you live, and if you don't know that. I'm not sure if I can really help. I'm sorry. But it'd be an hour later than usual. 

Barbara's Question: I live in South Dakota. 

Jimmy: Oh. Well, South Dakota is split between Mountain Time Zone and Central Time Zone. So it depends if you live in Western or Eastern South Dakota. 

Barbara's Question: I live in Sioux Falls. 

Jimmy: All right. Well, that's on the Eastern-that's Eastern South Dakota. So everyone knows that. So, you would be in Central Time Zone. Which means right now, it would be 10:55. I hope that helps! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the video of the show on Jimmy Fallon's YouTube channel. But hopefully after a year, Barbara is not confused anymore!


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