Sometimes when you see something you can't believe, you think your mind is playing tricks on you.  When I was driving with my fiancé to dinner in downtown Sioux Falls, I noticed something rather strange...a guy was riding his scooter on Minnesota Avenue with the other cars on the road.

I know you're probably thinking what’s so strange about this particular situation? Well, there was just one problem. He was literally riding his scooter in the middle of Minnesota Avenue during rush hour traffic. Cars were backed up on the street.

Are you kidding me??  I'm all for people getting outside and enjoying a hobby.  However, this guy could have caused a major accident.  The circumstances were already treacherous with cars coming in every direction and people racing to get home from work! Furthermore, this driver wasn't wearing a helmet. That's just not safe.

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and it made me wonder, is it illegal to ride your scooter on the road in the state of South Dakota?  The answer is a little confusing.

Whether you're riding a motorcycle or a motorized scooter, South Dakota requires all drivers to have a license or permit with them at all times. Particularly for scooters, drivers do not need a separate license for riding them on the roads. The South Dakota Department of Public Safety explains the law for scooters:

You must possess a valid operator's license or restricted minor's permit. A moped is defined as a motor-driven cycle equipped with two or three wheels, with an engine no larger than 50cc and not requiring clutching or shifting by the operator.

Different ordinances for motorized and foot scooters are also in place throughout South Dakota cities. Just like there are guidelines for bikers, those rules also apply to people riding scooters in the City of Sioux Falls.  Drivers should give riders at least 3-feet of distance when on the road.

It should go without saying that all drivers should still exercise some common sense when traveling the roadways. Stay cautious and always keep your eyes on the road!

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