This past May, the staff at The Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House & Aquarium proudly welcomed six red wolf pups to their pack. Sioux Falls has watched these little rascals grow and thrive ever since.

Unlike most births at the Sioux Falls The Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House & Aquarium, this miracle means a little more. Red wolves are "one of the most endangered species" in our world today. That's why zoo staff is giving Sioux Falls residents a fun opportunity to connect with the pups while assuring their continued efforts to care for the little ones.

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The staff at The Great Plains Zoo and Butterfly House & Aquarium originally named the red wolf pups. A video on its Facebook page explains the names they "selected are from Indigenous languages spoken in the southeastern U.S., where the species once roamed." Each name picked fits the pups' personalities!

Now zoo staff want to give Sioux Falls a chance to name these "amazing ambassadors" and help them all at the same time! Here's how naming the Sioux Falls red wolf pups works:

  • Sioux Falls residents can submit their votes beginning Thursday, February 1st on the zoo's website. 
  • Each submission is worth $6. This money will go toward caring for the wolves, as well as future renovations to their habitat. So dollar counts! 
  • Voting closes on Thursday, February 29th. It's a Leap Year-so Sioux Falls has an extra day to vote and help the red wolf pups! 

There's already a sneak peek of the names! Some options include Kishi (meaning Night), Coro (meaning Wind), and Imala (meaning Strong-Minded).

Click here to submit your vote throughout the month of February!

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