Becoming a new mother is one of the many joys in life. But this new chapter can also be scary. You're afraid you're making the wrong decisions for your new baby or maybe you're second-guessing the right ones.

So many questions are circling in your brain. If you're an expecting mother looking for some guidance in motherhood, there is a seminar coming to Sioux Falls in October for pregnant mothers covering all questions and concerns.

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Elevated Motherhood Summit is coming to Sioux Falls on Saturday, October 28th at The Retreat at Blue Haven located at 46598 268th Street. New babies bring joy to the world and the Elevated Motherhood Summit wants mothers to embrace that happiness before, during, and after pregnancy. This summit will be a holistic approach on motherhood.

This summit will educate mothers-to-be on how they can help prevent illness and diseases in their baby’s future. You’ll learn how to optimize your health before, during, and after your pregnancy. Other topics include prevention of chronic disease, pelvic health, breastfeeding, and nutrition for baby and mom.

Not all pregnancy journeys are easy. New mothers experience struggles even after the baby is born, especially postpartum. It's a difficult subject to talk about. The Elevated Motherhood Summit experts will walk you through postpartum healing and coping while you're becoming a stronger mother.

Some doctors who will guide new mothers through this seminar include Dr. Bri Bly, Dr. Cheryl Bones, and Dr. Jessica Pearson.

Elevated Motherhood Summit (with permission)
Elevated Motherhood Summit (with permission)

The Elevated Motherhood Summit will be one of the most uplifting events for mothers across the Sioux Empire. Strength in numbers, ladies!

More information about the event and tickets can be found here. Don't miss out on The Elevated Motherhood Summit in Sioux Falls on Saturday, October 28th!

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