Are you craving a fresh South Dakota soda that offers a unique taste? You're in luck! There is a new gourmet Sioux Falls soda shop to visit today.

SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar has not one but TWO Sioux Falls locations to try soda like you never have before.

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Owners of the SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar in Sioux Falls want to remind Sioux Falls soda drinkers that they now have two locations to enjoy these specialty sodas. The new location can be found at 3221 South Sertoma Avenue. Right next to Flyboy Donuts!

The west side SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar spot has felt lonely lately. They need to feel a little love!

Hi friends,
Would you please do us a favor? Our new west side shop (at 3221 S Sertoma Ave-shared with Flyboy Donuts!) isn’t feeling the love quite like our south side shop does and it’s making us a little bit sad!
If everyone could please share this post and remind your west side friends that we are here and open for business, that would be so helpful. We’ve got all the same options there, plus you can also get donuts!

The soda possibilities at SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar are endless! Some special soda drinks include:

  • Summer Swing (Mountain Dew with peach, raspberry strawberry syrups)
  • Beach Day (Starry with coconut and guava syrups and fresh lime)
  • Berry Bliss (Lemonade with blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry syrups)
  • Abby Lou (Salted caramel and fresh vanilla syrups)
  • Black Forest (Cherry and chocolate syrups)
  • Blackout (Blackberry and raspberry syrups and vanilla cream)
  • Dreamsicle (Orange Crush with vanilla syrup and vanilla cream)
  • Italian Soda

These sodas from SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar sound delicious!

SoDak Soda (via Facebook)
SoDak Soda (via Facebook)

Stop by and say hello to your new friends at SoDak Soda Gourmet Soda Bar on Sertoma Avenue!

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