A new bakery and deli is opening in Downtown Sioux Falls this week and it will leave you hungry for more.

The North End Bakery and Deli will officially open its doors to the public this Thursday, May 23rd. This eatery will be filled with baked treats and specialty sourdough creations.

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The North End Bakery and Deli will be located inside the Jones421 Building on Phillips Avenue in Downtown Sioux Falls. It will take over the former Brosia Bowl space.

The owner of the North End Bakery and Deli Conner McMahan has been anticipating opening his own business for quite some time. He is very excited to see his dream become a reality and watch his establishment grow.

Some dreams have to start somewhere. Conner McMahan created a GoFundMe page to help get his business off the ground. All funds raised will go towards the North End Bakery and Deli:

North End Bakery will serve a variety of bread and sandwiches out of the Jones 421 building as a first phase. The second phase will be developing a pastry menu and gathering equipment to make sure the products I produce are of high quality. I have been planning and processing the concept of a bakery for several years. This will be an incredible opportunity for me and hopefully the surrounding community.

Hours at the North End Bakery and Deli will be 8 AM to 2 PM Wednesday through Sunday, with breakfast served from 8 AM to 11 AM. and then lunch until 2 PM.

We can't wait to try the North End Bakery and Deli!

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