Going to the grocery store can feel like a job. We do what we can to find the best deals in town, and the bill is still over $200. Inflation bites and one nationwide convenience store is trying its best to keep costs low for its customers. Unfortunately, this store chain can no longer carry a popular product due to costs.

Dollar Tree stores in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa sell products to its customers that are usually inflation-friendly. However, the cost of eggs has been skyrocketing for months. Officials with Dollar Tree say it's tough to sell eggs at a low price when they are so expensive.

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Dollar Tree say it's tough to sell eggs at a low price

Multiple news sources like Consumer Affairs and CNN are reporting Dollar Tree will stop selling eggs...for now. The article from Consumer Affairs explains "a bad outbreak of avian flu that started almost a year ago sent egg prices soaring." The average egg price for a dozen Grade A large eggs was $4.21 in February. Since the rise of inflation, Dollar Tree was forced to raise its prices from $1.00 to $1.25. Eggs were even selling for $1.25 a carton.


So why is Dollar Tree temporarily not selling eggs?

Simply put, Dollar Tree is losing money. The article from CNN states, "Most retailers have raised egg prices on customers to adjust for higher costs, but Dollar Tree doesn't have as much flexibility to raise prices." When prices for eggs slow down, Dollar Tree will bring eggs back to its shelves. But it won't be in time for the Easter Bunny.

I don't know about you, but I had no idea that Dollar Tree sold eggs. However, it's good to hear that Dollar Tree is trying its best to keep products affordable for its customers.

Dives Worth a Drive in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

Almost every small South Dakota town has a watering hole. It’s where the locals go to kick back a few brews and engage in conversation.

Some of these establishments are located in buildings almost as old as the town itself. There might be a fresh coat of paint on the walls or new vinyl on the booth seats, but the ambiance is still reminiscent of a good ol’ dive.

If you think a "dive" is all about the sketchy clientele, the smell of the Devil’s lettuce, and stale Grain Belt, you’d be wrong. Not every dive has a bad reputation.

What makes a dive, a dive?

A dive has character. Neon beer signs and local memorabilia adorn the walls.

You might find a pool table, dart board, and a few video lottery machines.

The bartender knows the regulars by name and they know what you drink.

Some dives don't even serve food except for bags of chips and pickled eggs that sit in a jar of brine on the bar.

Dives aren't fancy. You might see 70's-style wood panels on the walls and wobbly tables leveled with a folded napkin.

Finally, the bathrooms. The bathrooms in dives are in a class by themselves and could be a whole topic on its own. 

There are several small-town dives in our area with friendly faces, cheap booze with a burn, and even really good food! We use the term "dive" in the most affectionate way.

Here are some of the best and why you should go there.

Where do People In Sioux Falls Work? The Largest Employers in Sioux Falls

Where do the people of Sioux Falls work? Well, according to the numbers a nearly 50,000 of us work for one of these 24 organizations.

Healthcare and financial services dominate the list, but big retail companies, education, and government are also represented.

Here are the top employers in Sioux Falls according to Sioux Falls Development.

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