Some Minnesotans might have a hard time finding a designated driver come May. Sounds like Minnesota bar hoppers are SOL!

Multiple reports are circling about the future of Uber and Lyft drivers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These ride-share services might not be around for much longer thanks to a new city ordinance.

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Rising gas prices affect Lyft and Uber Drivers
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According to an article from ABC News, the city of Minneapolis passed an ordinance last month requiring higher pay for Lyft and Uber drivers while in city limits. This ordinance has caused controversy between the city and officials with Lyft and Uber. They even threaten to stop services in the Minneapolis area as early as May.

The Minneapolis City Council last month overrode a mayoral veto and passed an ordinance that requires ride-hailing companies to pay drivers a minimum rate of $1.40 per mile and $0.51 per minute — or $5 per ride, whichever is greater — excluding tips, for the time spent transporting passengers in Minneapolis.

Supporters of the ordinance said the rate would ensure that companies pay drivers the equivalent of the city's minimum wage of $15.57 per hour.

The state could take action. But until then, drivers and riders throughout the Minneapolis area are worried about what will happen next. Governor of Minnesota Tim  Walz is "deeply concerned" about this situation.

Uber representative Josh Gold spoke to ABC News explaining Uber "plans on ending its operations in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities metro area — including the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport."

It will be a nightmare for people who use Uber and Lyft services, especially for the drivers. Read more about this developing story here.

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