An abundance of wild animals can be found in Colorado. However, that long list of undomesticated species does not include emus or ostriches.

So on March 5, it was quite a shock when animal control officers in Northern Colorado were dispatched to a call regarding an ostrich in the roadway. The bird was spotted on the loose in the rural area of Weld County Roads 76 and 33.

When officers from Weld County arrived on the scene, they discovered they were not, in fact, dealing with an ostrich, but another large species of bird instead - an emu.

Using their "contain and capture" skills, officers were able to guide the emu into a nearby fenced-in residential yard without harm. Not long after that, a passerby identified the emu's owner as Mr. Andrew Leffler and he was subsequently notified about the situation.

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Police did not suspect fowl play.

Leffler arrived to pick up his bird, whom he had affectionately named Buddy. The emu was safely loaded into his trailer, ending his eventful escape.

While emus do not roam in the wild in Colorado, they are perfectly legal to own as pets in Weld County, according to the sheriff's office. Residents say this is not the first time an emu has been on the lam in the area, either. They may not be able to fly, but apparently, emus in Northern Colorado get around.

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