It's totally normal for men to take their shirts off while out hiking on the trails in Colorado. Especially on a sunny day up in higher elevations, hiking can become a hot and sweaty activity that requires immediate cooling off. No one thinks twice when a shirtless man walks by, but are women also allowed to go topless on the trails in the Centennial State?


While it's far less common to see, and maybe even a bit shocking at first, it's perfectly legal for women to hike without a top or bra in Colorado.

Following a federal court ruling in 2019, women were granted permission to be topless in public in the state of Colorado, as well as in Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Utah. This liberating decision for gender equality gained national attention with the infamous "FreetheNipple" movement that began in Fort Collins, CO.

Although most women continue to keep their tops on while hiking in Colorado, some females have taken advantage of the right to bear their chests. There's even a social media trend among female hikers posting a photo showing only their bare backs, as they stand looking out over beautiful peaks and scenic views.

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It should be mentioned that Colorado Parks and Wildlife-managed trails are off-limits for full nudity. This applies to all genders. US Forest Service-managed lands in Colorado have their own rules regarding nudity. Should you want to hike in the buff, it's best to check the rules and regulations of where you're going ahead of time.

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