Do you know "Michael?"

If so, let him know that Jamie Tutko from LSU Baseball is on a mission to find him. Here's what went down: Jamie's mom was at the Atlanta airport on Tuesday, Jan. 23, trying to make her way from Terminal C to F, which, if you've ever been there, you know can be a bit of a trek. Michael, just a random guy from Lafayette, stepped in to help her out, making sure she got to her gate and on her plane safely.

Jamie was so grateful for this act of kindness that he took to X to send out a thank you and offer up LSU Baseball tickets as a symbol of gratitude.

All he knows is the guy's name is Michael and he's from Lafayette. The tweet has gotten some traction, with people really getting behind the search for Michael.

Rita Yaun Goodrich even shared the tweet on Facebook, wondering if Michael was headed to the DC Mardi Gras event, trying to rally the Lafayette crowd to help find him. So far, no luck, but the search is definitely on.

It's a simple story, but it's got that instant feel-good vibe to it where we all know that its only a matter of time until someone tags the fella and he emerges in the comments and turns out to be just as cool and down to earth as you'd imagine.

Just goes to show, even the smallest good deed can go a long way, and now there's a whole community trying to help pay Michael back. If you know a Michael from Lafayette who was at the Atlanta airport on Tuesday, let him know he's got some LSU Baseball tickets waiting for him, thanks to a small act of kindness.

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