Kaleigh Louviere and her husband, Jason, have taken to Facebook in their search for a child to adopt, a journey they are not strangers to. Their heartwarming message addressed to any potential birth mother has touched thousands and continues to spread like wildfire.

In their post, the Louvieres write:

Dear Mama,

We are Jason (39) & Kaleigh (35) from Louisiana. We've been blessed with four children, and after adopting our youngest son two years ago through a similar Facebook appeal, we're now seeking to complete our family. We honor and respect the decision of any mother considering this path and hope to connect with someone who feels we are the right fit for their child.

Born in Lafayette and New Iberia respectively, Kaleigh and Jason together run three businesses in Lafayette and are deeply rooted in their community. Their message is earnest and clarifies that they are open to any adoption plan, be it open or closed.

While the couple's journey to expand their family has mostly been met with support and kindness, there have been detractors. Some who disagree with their process have accused them of attempting to “buy children off of social media.” In response to these critiques, Kaleigh has been candid about their decision to go private, explaining, "Our hearts can’t handle fostering because of the back and forth and there’s no difference in paying an adoption agency or paying an attorney which is what we do in a private adoption.”

She further expressed that while they hope for the best, they know not everyone will understand or agree with their approach, but they are steadfast in their mission. "We know we are providing a safe, loving home for a baby who needs it,” Kaleigh tells us.

In the midst of the seriousness of their journey, there have been light-hearted moments too. Kaleigh chuckled as she recounted, “Adults have asked if we would take them in, promising that they’ll cook, clean, cut grass, etc.”

Since the post went live five days ago, it has amassed over 3,000 shares. The couple remains hopeful, drawing inspiration from their previous experience where a post garnered 14,000 shares before leading them to their son.

"The first time we posted two years ago when we found him, it had 14k shares and hundreds of moms reaching out. Social media can sometimes be a place of negativity, but it's heartening to see people rally behind causes like this,” Kaleigh shared.

Facebook, Kaleigh Louviere
Facebook, Kaleigh Louviere

For the Louvieres, this adoption journey is a testament to patience, hope, and the power of community. They wait, hopeful that the perfect match will see their message and choose them to be the forever home for their child.

For more information about fostering in Lafayette Parish, see more here at the Department of Children & Family Services.

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