Burt's Bees® and Hidden Valley® Ranch have teamed up to create lip balms that taste like classic wing flavors, leaving many to wonder who exactly asked for this unique pairing. But the plot twist? Just one day after the launch, these lip balms have vanished from online shelves! Fret not; there's a waitlist if your lips are craving some flavor.

Starting on January 17th, lip balm enthusiasts could purchase a limited-edition 4-pack from Burt's Bees, featuring the unmistakable flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch, Buffalo Sauce, Crunchy Celery, and Fresh Carrot. As we approach Super Bowl Sunday the release couldn't have been better timed.

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CC Ciafone, the Marketing Director at Hidden Valley Ranch, shared, "We find ourselves in the throes of wing-eating season, a period that Hidden Valley Ranch knows like the back of its sauce-covered hand." Ciafone went on to express excitement about their partnership with Burt's Bees, marking their maiden voyage into the world of beauty products.

While the concept of ranch dressing as a lip balm flavor may raise eyebrows, the Burt's Bees x Hidden Valley collaboration offers consumers an amusing twist on their daily lip care routine.

Burt's Bees Website
Burt's Bees Website

From an April Fool's Joke to Reality

This all started because of an April Fools' social media post featuring Hidden Valley Ranch lip balm. Mariah Eckhardt, General Manager at Burt's Bees, revealed, "It all began with an April Fools' social post showcasing Hidden Valley Ranch lip balm. Fans responded with wild enthusiasm. So, for an exhilarating and limited release, we're uniting two fan favorites—Burt's Bees lip balm and Hidden Valley Ranch. This delightful and unexpected fusion arrives right on time for both dry lip season and game day."

Though the initial supply of Burt's Bees x Hidden Valley Ranch Dippers lip balm 4-packs has vanished into thin air, they were originally available for $11.99 on the Burt's Bees website. Those with a penchant for peculiar flavors can still sign up for the waitlist. Moreover, on January 17, 2024, customers enjoyed complimentary shipping for their lip balm purchase using the code BBXHVR, though this offer was exclusively available for that day and couldn't be combined with other promotions.

Burt's Bees website
Burt's Bees website

So, if you've ever pondered the idea of lips that taste like wings, this collaboration might just be your quirky dream come true. Who knows, perhaps it signals the beginning of a lip balm flavor revolution.

Get on the Waitlist

For further details about Burt's Bees' out-of-the-box lip balm collaboration and to stay in the loop on all things Burt's Bees, consider following the brand on Instagram @burtsbees or visiting their official website. As for Hidden Valley Ranch enthusiasts, you can keep up with the brand @hidden.valley or visit hiddenvalley.com.

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