The Mardi Gras stories continue to roll in as festivities come to a close across Louisiana.

We did a double take when we first read the headline of the WDSU story about a baby pig being thrown like a foot ball at a Louisiana parade.

Safe to say that this is a first.

According to WDSU a baby pig was being tossed around at a park near the parade by three grown men. Why on earth they thought that this would be an appropriate way to celebrate Mardi Gras, we have no idea.

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A parade goer was passing by the park to go to the parade when they decided to step in and rescue the baby pig from harm. The piglet was saved before it suffered any injures but it was shaken up and scared, understandably.

Where is Piglet Now?

The good Samaritan brought Piglet to the Metairie Vet Clinic, and is currently safe from harms way.

A vet tech at the clinic is fostering the baby pig until they can find it a loving home.

If you have ever considered adopting pig as a pet, now is your chance.

We were glad to hear that Piglet is safe and in the care of a trained professional. We can only imagine how scared it must have been being tossed around like that.

Often times people see something and don't act right away because they assume that eventually someone will say or do something.

Thankfully, this Good Samaritan did the right thing and saved this animal from getting injured or even death potentially.

We hope that Piglet can find a forever home soon.

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