A woman on TikTok is mocking online dating by revealing that her "most compatible" Hinge match was to her biological brother.

Looking for love can be frustrating.

In a viral video, Dani Kravett says she returned to dating apps after struggling to land a great date experience.

So far, she has yet to be impressed with the results.

"I could vomit at who my most compatible was," Kravett says in her TikTok video, which shows a green-screened image of a handsome man.

"So this is my brother," she shared, showing off her sibling's dating profile. "Super cute, right? Yeah. Yeah, it runs in the family."

"I don't know if he is like the one for me," Kravett joked, adding, "But, I guess we are compatible in the sense we share the same parents and shelter growing up and like blood and DNA and all those fun things."

While Kravett continues struggling to find her match, she is encouraging other single ladies to look at her brother and to reach out if they are interested.

Her video has garnered over 375k views and has commenters sharing their own less-than-ideal experiences on the apps.

"My most compatible was my ex. I deleted Hinge immediately after," one TikToker commented.

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"I've gotten my brother as my most compatible three separate times," another person shared.

"I can barely handle being matched with someone with the same name as my brother," another wrote.

"Most compatible for a blood transfusion, maybe," another joked.

However, there is good news and hope for Jordan. A lot of interested women also commented on Dani's video.

"I wish I got most compatible with Jordan!" one woman wrote.

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