A woman is becoming increasingly frustrated with her husband as he spends hours of his time in the bathroom.

"He says it’s not because he’s scrolling on his phone but I have trouble believing him. I asked him to go without and he refused. He says his bowels move really slowly. When he’s in there, he’s in his own world," she wrote on Reddit.

The woman explained that one time she "fell and broke my wrist and I called for him for almost 40 minutes to come help me to no avail."

The couple recently had a baby, and "he starts crying ALWAYS whenever he goes to the toilet."

"It always falls on me. If I am breastfeeding and he’s in the bathroom when a delivery arrives I have to stop to open the door, he can’t because he’d 'lose concentration when he’s in the zone,'" she explained.

The woman tried to talk to her husband about the issue, but he insisted "it's his biological need and can't do anything about it."

"I just can’t stand it anymore. Have I mentioned we only have ONE BATHROOM? I’ve had to do my business on the sink more times than I’d like to admit. I get so mad I want to call it quits, I swear," she concluded her post.

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Users in the comments section were completely baffled.

"If it's actually taking that long and he’s spending the entire time working to poop, he needs a doctor and a change in diet. if he’s not actually pooping the whole time then you need to have a 'come to Jesus' talk. You BROKE your wrist and he wasn’t available. Your child cries and he’s not available. He is abandoning you for a toilet and that’s unacceptable and he is being selfish," one person wrote.

"I would be removing the f---ing doorknob. He's either entirely self-absorbed or in desperate need of a medical consultation. Or both," another himed in.

"Could be gaming too. Could be gambling. Could be anything… but the thing is, he’s stayed in the bathroom more than anywhere else," someone else commented.

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