As technology continues to advance, we see more and more safety built into the vehicles we drive.

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Driver assistance technology and features like automatic braking and collision avoidance systems all work together to keep passengers in a vehicle safe.  Add to the extra airbags in addition to just two in the front can all help reduce injuries and fatalities.

One thing some people tend to forget about is booster seats for kids, especially when they start getting a bit older. Studies have shown that using a booster seat in addition to a seat belt for kids 4-8 years old can significantly reduce injuries in an accident.

The Duluth Fire Department does a great job responding to fire and medical emergencies but also are public safety advocates.

In addition to car seat inspection and replacement programs they host throughout the year, they recently posted a reminder on the importance of booster seats.

Knowing if your kiddo should be in one is key, and they have a link setup to learn some basics for keeping kids as safe as possible as passengers in automobiles.

The statistics don't lie, and if something as simple as a booster seat working in conjunction with a seatbelt will help reduce collision injuries, why wouldn't you use one?

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