This just might be the G.O.A.T. of funny Minnesota business names.

I recently shared the story of the hilariously-named Minnesota company that shares a name with a phrase popularized by the Wayne's World franchise and just what they do in that massive building on I-35E.

While they have a funny name, the business is pretty straightforward. Heck, they're a leader in their industry, and their American headquarters is in Minnesota! That's kind of cool.

This new business I discovered might just have Schwing topped.

Floating around the internet recently, I saw a sign for a section of Adopt-a-Highway in Minnesota that had me busting out laughing. Most of the time I feel like people sadly ignore those signs. This one is definitely not one to ignore!

Google Maps
Google Maps

The sign, located on US Highway 14 just east of Owatonna, promotes that the stretch of highway is cleaned by - get this - "The Turd Burglars Pet Waste Removal". This sounds like a total joke, right? I mean, some families and organizations adopt stretches of highway and could put a potentially made-up name on the sign to represent the group.

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Well, this is 100% not a made-up company, and I can't help but applaud them for their laugh-inducing business name.

Who are the Turd Burglars?

The Turd Burglars on Facebook
The Turd Burglars on Facebook

Besides bold, comedic business owners, they are a pet waste removal company that will take care of cleaning up the mess in your yard left behind by your pets. This can be a pretty gross task, especially after a long winter with hidden "landmines" left behind for a whole season by your dog(s).

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The hilariously-named company takes their work pretty seriously, highlighting that it is important to keep your yard clear of dog waste. They highlight on their website that a dog's diet is high in protein and can create an acidic waste that can damage your lawn. Besides lawn damage, they also state that the decomposition of dog waste takes quite a while, and letting it run off into the storm drain or nearby waterway can be harmful.

Enter the Turd Burglars, willing to take on this gross task - for a fee, of course. They offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time clean up service. They also 100% guarantee you'll be satisfied with their work. I think just not needing to clean up the poo is satisfactory in itself, but they promise a thorough clean-up you won't be disappointed with.

This business focuses their efforts on Southeastern Minnesota, which makes sense, being that is where this roadside sign is located.

They shared in the spring of 2023 that they had adopted the stretch of highway, received by many likes from fans of the business. One person commented "Don’t you pick up enough crap??? Seriously though, great job!"

So, hats off to you, Turd Burglars. Not only is your name hilarious, but you do the dirty work most people would rather not do.

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