A popular bedding maker is recalling some quilt and quilted shams after it was discovered that there could be needles inside the products that cut or tear into skin. WTF?!

It sounds like something out of a horror movie, and for at least three customers it must have felt like that, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that at least 3 people have been jabbed by sharp metal needles from inside the quilt, in one incident the needle broke the skin on the person's hand.

Red Land Cotton
Red Land Cotton

What Quilts are Being Recalled and Where Were They Sold?

Over 17,000 of the quilts and quilted shams were sold between May 2023 through February 2024, the voluntary recall includes all sizes, including baby quilts.

The quilts are made by Red Land Cotton and sold online through their website, and they were also sold through their Amazon.com storefront. The quilts and quilted shams were sold in a variety of colors including white, natural, blue and gray.

Red Land Cotton
Red Land Cotton

What To Do If You Have a Recalled Quilt?

Red Land Cotton says that customers can choose to have their item replaced, or to be refunded. Either way, they say that you should immediately stop using the items and contact them for details on how to remedy the situation.

Red Land Cotton is a popular online manufacture and retailer of luxury linens, the company is based in Alabama, where the cotton is grown, and they have a factory in Texas.

Along with quilts, the company makes sheets, blankets, bathroom linens, and they also have a line of apparel including loungewear and cotton t-shirts.

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