Your snowmobile is supposed to ignite excitement, not actual flames. But unfortunately, if you're riding one of the recalled Polaris models, that might become a reality. Let's find out if your machine needs a little pit stop before hitting the trails again.

Minnesota-based Polaris Industries Inc. has issued a safety recall for certain Model Year 2022-2023 Polaris snowmobiles equipped with PATRIOT BOOST engines. The recall stems from a faulty fuel line, which could potentially leak gasoline and pose a significant fire risk while riding.

Affected Models

The following Polaris snowmobiles are included in the recall:

  • Pro RMK Slash
  • RMK Khaos Slash
  • INDY VR1
  • Switchback Assault

These models were sold in various color combinations and feature the "POLARIS" logo stamped on the front side panel. If you own one of these snowmobiles, you can find the VIN and model number printed on the right side of the vehicle's frame.


The Problem

Polaris has identified a potential defect in the fuel line connecting the fuel rails within affected PATRIOT BOOST engines. In some units, this fuel line may develop a leak over time. This can result in gasoline spraying into the engine compartment, creating a heightened risk of fire, especially in proximity to the hot engine components.

What You Should Do

If your snowmobile is included in the recall, Polaris strongly advises you to stop using the vehicle immediately. Contact a Polaris dealer or call Polaris Industries at 800-765-2747 to schedule a free repair. Polaris will replace the faulty fuel line to mitigate the risk.


Other Important Information

Polaris has received 17 reports of fuel leaks in the affected snowmobiles, fortunately with no associated injuries. Approximately 7,000 units are recalled in the United States, with an additional 3,100 units affected in Canada.

Stay Safe

Always prioritize safety when it comes to recreational vehicles. Taking timely action in response to recalls is essential to prevent accidents and injuries.

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