Going into the 2023 season, I think a fair amount of people figured former Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook would be a factor in what could have been a top-end Jets offense helmed by Aaron Rodgers.

None of that worked out as planned.

Rodgers only lasted a portion of one game before succumbing to an Achilles injury, and Dalvin Cook earned less than 250 yards and no touchdowns in his first season away from the Vikings.

While Rodgers will be making a return to the Jets in 2024, it looks like Cook will not.

In a report filed by The Athletic [PAYWALL] on Tuesday, sources informed the publication the team plans to waive the former Pro Bowler.

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After being cut by the Minnesota Vikings in June, he was picked up by the Jets to bring a one-two rushing punch to the New York offense, complimenting their second-year lead rusher Breece Hall.

While Cook did appear in 15 games, he only got 67 carries and earned 214 yards with no touchdowns. Cook also had 15 receptions off 20 targets, picking up 78 receiving yards and no touchdowns there either.

For reference, quarterback Zach Wilson only had 3 fewer rushing yards (211) as of today's news.

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After signing a 1-year, $5.8 million deal with the Jets in August, 28-year-old Cook seemed poised to be an active part of a playoff team. Fast-forward to the end of the season, and a lot didn't work out for the Jets - including Cook.

Cook's limited usage diminished through the season, leading to Week 17, where he dressed but did not play in the game. ESPN reports that the decision for the Jets to waive Cook is mutual, with the team's head coach Robert Saleh praising Cook, saying that "Dalvin has been great".

Saleh continued to comment, though, that this has been a hard season for Cook. Saleh commented "I know this has been a hard season for him. I haven’t played professional football, but being around it, you know when a player is hurting and I know he’s hurting, but his story is not over. He still has plenty of juice in his legs, but he’s been great.”

Cook had expressed frustrations with his limited usage as far back as October, commenting before the NFL trade deadline that he was considering speaking with the team's general manager about options, which could have included a potential trade. Cook expressed he didn't want to demand a trade, but wanted to have a conversation about "what's best for everybody."

Nothing happened before the trade deadline, and his usage continued to diminish in the following weeks.

Following being waived, Cook will be subject to a 24-hour waiver period. After clearing waivers, Cook would become a free agent, when he could join a playoff contender. With Christian McCaffrey dinged up, maybe the 49ers make a move to add Cook. Or the Cowboys could add another option besides Tony Pollard. Perhaps the Browns add to the backfield that has been covering after Nick Chubb's season-ending injury, reuniting with Kevin Stefanski.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

When Dalvin joined the Jets, he was one of many former NFC North players who had found their way to New York. Several former Vikings and Packers were on the roster during the preseason, including Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin. Here's a rundown from before roster cuts happened:

Former Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers on the 2023 New York Jets Roster

With the big-name additions of Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook, the number of former Vikings and Packers players on the preseason roster for the Jets is crazy! A total of 14 players are on the pre-cuts roster for New York.

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