You just never know what you're going to see in the Minnesota sky! There has been lots of talk of UFOs and alien sightings over the past few years and now we are capping off the last month of the year with another one.

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The National UFO Reporting Center organizes supernatural sightings by state, date and shape. I like to browse the site once in awhile for fun and when I did so just the other day, I noticed that there was a sighting pretty close to home.

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The sighting took place in Mountain Iron, which is about an hour from the Duluth area. While there is one report, there were three different people who saw this particular sight in the sky, which lends credibility to the sighting.

The UFO shines on a male standing on the mountain
Artem Peretiatko

According to the report, the strange circular shape in the sky lingered all day. The reporting party says that it was an overcast night, but they could still make out an 'aura or haze' around the weird circle shape.

The creepiest part of all? The report of this particular sighting says that not only did they see the shape, but that it was also making noise and emitting some type of frequency to those in its immediate area.

This has been present outside and emits a high pitched frequency. It seems to be able to evesdrop.


Round shaped bright light emitting a very high pitched frequency.

Wow! That sure is spooky. So not only did this alien-type aircraft linger all day but it was making its presence known - and even eavesdropping! The sighting happened at the end of November but was just posted to the site.

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As for Wisconsin, they have had quite a few supernatural sightings this year as well! As of earlier this month, there had been nearly fifty reports of UFO sightings. There's still about ten more days of the year so that list could grow even more!

UFO Sightings Reported in Minnesota in 2023

A total of 45 sightings have been reported via the National UFO Reporting Center across the state of Minnesota in 2023, including Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Rochester, Bemidji, Two Harbors, and elsewhere around the state. Here is a rundown of each sighting.

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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