This is probably the last place I would think of when it comes to getting groceries, no? A new study was just released and it named the best places to get groceries in every state. The top choice for Minnesota was both surprising and unsurprising all at once.

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The study was done by The Daily Meal recently, coming up with this list based on things like the range of foods and brands each grocery store offers, how innovative they are when it comes to things like delivery and such, value and the contribution of the store to the community they are situated in.

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Because there are so many grocery store chains across the country, each one only makes an appearance on this list once. Things like how beloved a store is in the community or if the store is small and local usually outweighed larger chains in this instance.

So what is the number one grocery store in Minnesota? According to this study, that answer would be Target! Like I said, this is surprising and also not surprising. Target is Minnesota based and we are known to really love Target. In that instance, it makes sense.

Target in Greenland, New Hampshire, in 2019.
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The reason it is a little surprising is because I don't really think of it as a grocery store. Yes, they have grocery sections, but whenever I go there (which is often) I always go for the treats, clothes, makeup and the like.

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The Daily Meal explained their choice, citing the brands Target carries and the fact that it is Minnesota-based as to why it is the top choice in Minnesota. The study also cited how some of the store options are better for you than others you'd find at a traditional grocery store.

Here's what they had to say:

Who doesn't love a Target run? Target, which has numerous Minnesota locations and is headquartered in Minneapolis, sells a massive variety of groceries, many under its own store brands: Good & Gather, Simply Balanced, Archer Farms, and Market Pantry. All Simply Balanced items are free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and 105 common food additives. Regardless of how often you shop there, there are certain foods you should always buy at Target.

Recently, Target has really stepped it up when it comes to groceries and the grocery section. I was just there yesterday and I was really impressed with their selection and how much more inventory and selection they have from just one year ago.

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