This is scary, especially coming off the holiday season. Your kids or grandkids likely got a ton of toys and a popular one sold online is being recalled for a very scary reason. The item has claimed seven lives at the time of writing.

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The item is sold online at Walmart stores, which is also alarming considering so many of us do online shopping for toys and such. The item was sold over the course of a year, from February 2022 to April 2023, which means it could be in your home or stashed away for the next birthday or holiday.

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What Item Is Being Recalled?

The item being recalled is a Relax science kit, featuring large hematite magnets + magnetic stone building blocks. The magnetic balls are small with a strong magnetic flux, which are a big choking hazard and can cause major injury if ingested.

Courtesy of the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Courtesy of the Consumer Product Safety Commission
The item, pictured above, costs about fifteen bucks and according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has stronger magnets than is allowed for a toy like this. The item was officially recalled on December 23rd of 2023.

Why Is The Toy Being Recalled?

As mentioned, the toy can be a major choking hazard. However, ingesting one or more of these magnetic balls can be deadly. According to the CPSC, magnets can attract each other or another metal object in the digestive system.
Nicole Riley
Nicole Riley
The CPSC also says that this can lead to perforations, twisting or blockage in the intestines. It can also lead to infection and blood poisoning. Sadly, it can also lead to death, with five deaths in the U.S. reported so far and two in other countries.

How Can You Get Rid Of This Item?

If you purchased this item, get it out of reach of children immediately and spread the word to any family or friends who may have purchased it. You can also get a refund via Joybuy Marketplace Express, which is responsible for the item.
You can contact them any of the following ways to get more details on a refund:
  • By calling 302-426-4543 any weekday between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • By emailing
  • By visiting

About 4,000 of these units have been sold. Any other toys similar to the one pictured and being recalled might also lead to the same injuries so as always, use caution.

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