If you're a lover of live outdoor music, especially when it comes to legendary country music acts, these two shows coming to Northern Minnesota are right up your alley!

Lake County's tourism bureau, known as "Lovin' Lake County", announced a pair of converts coming to Two Harbors for the summer of 2024 that will feature award-winning, legendary acts in the country music world.

1990's Country Legends To Perform In June

Michael Gomez - Shenandoah via Lovin' Lake County
Michael Gomez - Shenandoah via Lovin' Lake County

The first of these two summer shows will be on Friday, June 14 at the Lake County Fairgrounds, where 1990s country group Shenandoah will perform. Known for hits like "Next To You, Next To Me", "Two Dozen Roses", and "Church On Cumberland Road", these Grammy Award-winning performers will bring their hits to the Northland this summer.

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The same act was scheduled to perform in Two Harbors in the summer of 2022 as well, but organizers had to cancel the show due to "unfortunate circumstances" in the organization of the event.

Tickets for this summer's Shenandoah show in Two Harbors will go on sale on Thursday, February 1.

Legendary 1970s & 1980s Country Duo To Perform In July

Bellamy Brothers via Lovin' Lake County
Bellamy Brothers via Lovin' Lake County

The second act coming to Two Harbors this summer is the one and only Bellamy Brothers.

The Grammy-nominated act hit the scene with their hit "Let Your Love Flow" in 1976, continuing their string of memorable hits that include songs like “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)", "Old Hippie", "Lovers Live Longer", and "Redneck Girl".

The Bellamys will be headlining the Two Harbors Heritage Days Street Dance, putting on a free show on Friday, July 12 in Downtown Two Harbors. Organizers say they will make more details for this free July show available as we get closer to the event.

Lovin’ Lake County executive director Janelle Jones shared excitement for these two upcoming concerts, saying in a written statement:

“We are thrilled to bring two award-winning acts to Two Harbors this summer. We will strive to bring nationally recognized shows to our community for the enjoyment of our residents and those visiting the beautiful North Shore."

You can find more information about these shows and other events in Lake County on the Lovin' Lake County website.

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