Here's a reason to celebrate! Minnesota and Wisconsin residents can cheers to this new study done by WalletHub. The study was released on Tuesday (February 6th) and names the most sinful states in the country.

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While no state is perfect, we did pretty well considering! WalletHub looked at some 'sinful' behaviors to gather their findings, including violent crimes per capita, thefts per capita, excessive drinking, percentage of adults that don't exercise, and the like.

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Where Did Minnesota Land On The List + Why?

Minnesota 'nice' may have played a role here. While Minnesota did come in second as the state with the largest share of the population with a gambling disorder, it didn't really do too much damage here.

Minnesota came in at number forty, meaning we are way closer to the 'least sinful' part of the country. For the most part, we do live simple lives and work hard so it all checks out.

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What About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is also surprisingly not too sinful! Wisconsin came in at number thirty-six on this list. It probably would have been even lower, except it placed in the top five for excessive drinking. Overall though, this isn't too shabby!

Which States Are The Most + Least Sinful?

This checks out! Nevada came in at number one, being named the most sinful state in the country. That makes sense considering Las Vegas is called Sin City. Enough said. Louisiana, California and Florida round out the top four, followed by Tennessee.

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As for the least sinful, that title would go to Wyoming. That could be due in part to its sparse population. New Hampshire, Idaho and Maine are also among the least sinful. How sweet.

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