Minnesota just scored yet another title. This one is a lot better than the last one, where Minnesota claimed a handful of the drunkest cities in the country and even secured the number one spot. Yes, this one is much better.

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Minnesota was just named one of the best states to visit this fall! If you live in the Duluth area, this is pretty obvious. Have you ever seen the leaves start to change when summer is over? Not only did we crack the top ten, but we were named the ninth best state for a fall visit.

Like I said, if you live in Minnesota basically anywhere, you won't be too surprised by this. The study was released just a few days ago and was done by LawnStarter, which ranked the best cities to visit in the fall based on things that we pretty much excel at.

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Some of those things? Weeks with the most fall foliage, scenic drives, how camping-friendly we are, and more. Things like hiking trails, number of corn mazes per 100,000 residents and wineries per 100,000 residents were taken into consideration.

Corn Maze sign on autumn cornfield

Of course, we have very scenic drives (hello North Shore!), are camping-friendly for the most part and have lots of hiking trails, especially in the Duluth area. We also have a ton of corn mazes to truly get into the fall spirit. We even have a few Reba McEntired-themed mazes this year!

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While the study didn't look into Halloween attractions, we certainly have a lot of those, which would have likely boosted us even higher up the list! Recently, one Minnesota haunted attraction was in the running for best in the country. We even have the Halloween capital of the world. Just saying.

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and head to Minnesota before winter gets here. Thank us later.

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