I personally have never met a french fry that I didn't like. They are my very favorite food and that's why I was ecstatic when I came across a list of the best french fries in the country, broken down by state.

Minnesota's Best Fries Come With A Twist

Love Food shared this list, which probably came with a lot of tasty research. They named the best place to get french fries in every single state.

The best place to get french fries in Minnesota came with a little bit of a twist. Why? Because they are a staple at the Minnesota State Fair, rather than fries you can order as a side at a restaurant.

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Unhealthy Delicious Poutine with French Fries and Gravy

Minnesota's Best Fries Are From The Minnesota State Fair!

We do have a few months to go until the Minnesota State Fair! That's the only place we can feast on the best fries in the state, courtesy of the famous Fresh French Fries food stand.

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Do you need another reason to save the date for the Minnesota State Fair? This famous french fry stand is celebrating fifty years at the fair this year! I don't need a reason to eat more french fries but I definitely will in honor of this news.

They really are so good! Their website states that they are actually the best french fries in America. I wouldn't mind trying all the 'best' french fries in the country and then seeing if that stands true. That's my dream job!

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I should probably mention just exactly why they made the cut in the first place. According to Love Food, these fries stand out for the best reasons:

The Fresh French Fries stand takes just-harvested local potatoes and turns them into some of the crispest and fluffiest in the country.


They really are the fluffiest in the best way. The line is always really long but you sort of have to get them if you go to the Minnesota State Fair. Otherwise, did you really go to the Minnesota State Fair? You might as well just buy them by the bucket.

Last year, my coworker discovered what he says are the best fries in Duluth! This whole article is making my mouth water.

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