Sometimes the mind wanders and questions pop into your mind that you feel the need to find the answers to, regardless of how strange or warped the questions may be.

I've spent a considerable amount of time on the road lately on a family road trip and after getting passed by a shirtless guy in a Mustang, it brought to mind the times I've ended up not fully clothed behind the wheel of my truck and I wondered what laws are in place regarding driving and clothing.

For me, almost every time I've not been fully dressed while driving it has been because I just finished a long run or workout and I needed to hit the road. Since I'm too hot and sweaty to put on my shirt, I just keep the windows up and crank the AC.

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I wonder, however, what someone would think when they pulled up next to me. I'm shirtless and they'd likely only see my bare legs and not the shorts I'm wearing. To them, I could be just a naked guy in a truck. I should have fun with it and roll down my window to ask if they'd like to meet for a banana split, but could I get in trouble?

Are There Laws In Place To Stop Naked Driving In Minnesota Or Wisconsin?

To be clear both Minnesota and Wisconsin have laws against indecent exposure and lewd or disorderly conduct, particularly in locations where it is not expected or tolerated. You know, like the grocery store or yoga class.

While the aforementioned locations cover most of each state when it comes to being naked, there is nothing mentioned specifically against driving naked. Also, a key line regarding the violation of an indecency law provides a window of opportunity: "if you are visible to the public."

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Therefore, the simple act of driving naked isn't necessarily against the law in either state. However, it would not be wise to go through a drive-thru. You'd also want to make sure others on the road can't see you in all of your glory or they could report you and then there may be trouble.

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In Minnesota, for example, violating existing indecent exposure laws is no laughing matter, with penalties starting at up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

The Choice Is Yours, But Use Caution!

So, if you wish to drive naked you better be careful to keep it as your little secret. A few more things you'll want to keep in mind:

  • Have a full tank of gas or that refill could be challenging.
  • Drive cautiously as getting pulled over for speeding could turn into a very interesting scene and something both you and the officer won't soon forget.
  • Don't crank the radio or do other things to draw attention to yourself.
  • If you have leather seats, you may burn your bum.
  • Wear sunscreen.

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Also, please remember that if you see a shirtless guy pull up next to you in a truck, it's okay. I likely just got done running and I'm just cooling off before putting a shirt on. I'm also wearing shorts, at least as far as you know.

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