Yesterday was one of the windiest days I can remember. It was so windy that we actually topped out with a gust recorded on the Blatnik Bridge of 65 MPH. It was so windy that a Fed-Ex Semi-trailer was blown over on its side on the nearby Bong Bridge.

That got me wondering because I travel the bridge back and forth to work every day. How windy does it have to be to blow these huge trucks over? I definitely don't want to be in the lane next to them if it happens.

CRST, an Iowa-based trucking and logistics company recently wrote guidelines for drivers on when they should be cautious of cross-winds.

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What Wind Speed Is Needed To Flip Over A Semi

The most dangerous wind for a semi-trailer is crosswinds. That's when the wind is traveling perpendicular to the truck. It's a lot worse than a headwind or a tailwind when it comes to stability.

They say wind gusts of 60 MPH or greater can flip over a semi. Obviously, semi-trailers that are empty or have a lighter load are more prone to flip over.

Trucks Without Trailers Are Even More Likely To Blow Over

I found this really surprising. Semi-trucks without a load or a trailer attached are even more at risk of being blown over. CRST says that if you are a truck driver without a trailer attached and the crosswinds are high, pull over and wait it out.

Give semi-trailers plenty of room

Motorists should leave plenty of room for semi-trailers in adverse weather. They can weigh 60,000 pounds, and that's a lot of weight to try to control. You definitely don't want one landing on top of you.

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