You've definitely heard the news by now! Earlier this week, a news story out of Minnesota went viral. I can't lie - when I first heard the story, I thought it had to be a joke. How could a wedding venue do this?

Wedding Venue In Isanti Abruptly Closes

The Circle B wedding venue in Isanti alerted its customers and future brides-to-be that they were closing right away and they wouldn't be able to respond to any questions or inquiries. They also didn't mention or offer refunds.

Many brides set to wed at the Minnesota venue, some as soon as early May, took to social media to try and get their story out there. Many are out thousands of dollars and have been left scrambling. I got to hear one of these stories firsthand.

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Jessica Fisher /
Jessica Fisher /

A mutual acquaintance got me in touch with a woman named Heidi, who had a wedding date set not too far off in the future at this very venue. She wanted to share her story and I definitely wanted to help her get her story out there!

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She joined the B105 Breakfast Club to talk about her side of things, including how she found out and what she is dealing with now, with her wedding quickly approaching.

A Bride-To-Be In Her Own Words

You can hear her interview in full by listening to the podcast below.The interview starts around the 26:00 minute mark.

More Information Comes Out

To the surprise of probably no one, more information has come out this week regarding the owners of this now-defunct wedding venue. One report says they are in the middle of an active lawsuit unrelated to this current debacle.

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The good news is that many Minnesota venue owners are stepping up big time to help! So many venues have offered discounts and some even free use of their space for couples struggling to find a place to get married.

We will see how this story unfolds. It certainly isn't over! I love seeing other venue owners stepping up and putting money aside, instead just wanting to truly help these brides and grooms.

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