Let me preface this by saying there is probably a reason that I am still single at age forty-seven. That being said, I could totally see myself trying this if I was actually in a serious, committed relationship.

An Instagram video was originally shared on Thursday, January 11th, 2024, by an account called, techbudsolutions, that takes a very interesting turn in a matter of a few seconds. The Reel is relatively short, but it does a great job of getting the underlying message across without any dialogue.

Along with the funny video, they posted a very meaningful caption that stated:

Exclusive members only club dinner. 😍😂👀

The biggest lesson:

It’s not about what you eat, where you go, how much money you spend, it’s all about the time you spend together with the people you love 💕

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While this Instagram Reel is definitely humorous, it does make you think deeply about what really matters in life, but it also should remind you to find someone that you can do something like this with (or to), that won't immediately leave you. Being able to share a good joke with the one you love is a priceless trait.

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