There are a lot of crazy conspiracy theories running rampant throughout the country right now, but one of the most insane one is that "Wyoming doesn't exist".

Most folks that use the terminology are just having fun. After all, the average elementary school kid can not only point the Cowboy State on the map, but most can spell it correctly and tell you the state capital city.

Regardless, that hasn't stop "Wyoming doesn't exist" to still trend on just about a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, the Urban Dictionary online entry for Wyoming literally says:

Wyoming is supposedly a state. Wyoming does not in fact exist, it is a distortion of space-time that only appears to exist. Anyone you've met who thinks they have been to Wyoming, or believes they have lived in Wyoming have had fake memories implanted by the U.S. government. This is because they cannot explain it, and it would cause a mass panic if the public knew the truth. If you attempt to drive into Wyoming you will wake up in Canada, naked, and with no memories. (This is how Canada gets new citizens).

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The conspiracy goes much deeper than that though.

Remember how earlier I said most folks just use the term in a humorous sense? Well, yes, that is true, but I get the feelings there is still a decent portion of online trolls that believe all Wyomingites are lying.

Check out these (semi) recent tweets from the social media website, X (formally known as Twitter), of people that still believe Wyoming doesn't exist.

I say, let social media win this one. That way, when the zombie apocalypse does finally happen, we won't have a bunch of visitors trying to infiltrate our way of life.

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