Whether in a committed relationship or blissfully single, the fulfilling the requirements of in this international observance is pretty easy.

July 6, 2016 is World Kiss Day. Of course a kiss is more than just a kiss when you put some thought into it.

Initially people gravitate toward the intimate act of locking lips for obvious reasons. Other endearing ways to describe this loving gesture could be carried in a pile of pecks, a satchel of smooches or a slew of smacks. Let’s also establish that other areas of the face and head are appropriate for kissing in the correct setting or just blow a kiss if you can’t get close enough.

However the lack of someone to physically touch is no excuse. By blessing someone they are given the “kiss of life” or the flip side “kiss of death”. Getting ahead in life may necessitate someone to “kiss up” or if not feeling well a trip to the bathroom to “kiss the porcelain god” would help.

Sports has a couple of references to keep in mind as noted basketball coach turned television analyst Bill Raftery says a shot made off the board is “with a kiss”. Figure skaters if their routine doesn’t go well waits for the judges score in the “kiss and cry corner”.

Four men in black and white makeup soared to rock and roll icon status by simply naming themselves KISS. Today may also be the day to combine the little chocolate delight wrapped in foil and its namesake.

Whether brazen or undercover, may your kiss today fit its proper purpose. Even this note is sealed with proverbially puckered lips.