If you were on the planet, upright and taking oxygen, 50 years ago today well, you were living your life a wee bit different than you are today.

In fact, you may not even remember how different it was!

Want an example? Let's say you needed some cash. Off you went to the bank to get it. No ATM back then. See, there were no ATM's in the good 'ol USA until...1969..and even then they weren't everywhere. They were just being introduced.

If you married young you were in good company! You see, ladies got hitched at 20, guys at 23. Guess we must have fell in love earlier 50 years ago.

If you're 18, go ahead and belly up to the bar! It's perfectly legal because the age didn't go up to 21 until they passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984.

Somehow we survived without seat belts. Oh, a law was passed requiring all new cars to have them, but most of us didn't have new cars..and there wasn't a state law yet requiring us to wear them. And you parents were probably complaining about the price of gas. You see, in 1968 gas had gone up to about 34 cents a gallon!

In case of emergency we called...mom or dad...there was no 9-1-1 50 years ago today.

I guess we all loved lead-based paint, it was everywhere! That is, until about 10 years later when it was essentially banned. How did we survive??

When we called someone, we dialed them up. I mean we literally dialed them up! How exhausting!

50 years ago we were told 'Winston tastes good like a cigarette should' on...television. Yes, it was deemed plum fine to advertise smokes on the tube, until a couple years later in 1970.

Oh, there's a lot more ways we lived different 50 years ago day, in fact you can check out more at right here courtesy of Country Living Dot Com. It'll make you realize just how much you (and me) have lived through.

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